How I get ready fast

It’s the morning again and you have to rush off to work or lecture. Who has the luxury of 30 minutes to get ready? But you have to look presentable somehow… Here are my few tips to help you get ready quickly in the morning, when you’re still half asleep!


Start off with a clean & radiant canvas – Cleanse. Tone. Hydrate

This is the most crucial part. Never overlook skincare’s importance! Start with a smooth canvas and your make up will apply flawlessly. In the morning, a foam cleanser is good for getting rid of the oils produced throughout the night, plus it gives me a morning perk! Next, I mist my face with toner (have been using the Cosrx AHA/BHA one).  While waiting for it to absorb in, I get changed into my outfit. Then, moisturize!


Mix BB cream and moisturizer/ face oil for a dewy look

Combine BB cream with moisturizer (or oil even – I use rosehip oil!). This creates a dewy look when applied. Use a beauty blender, or even just your fingers to pat it in. Lastly, cover up any discoloration of your skin with a concealer.


Brush on bronzer for a healthy look and emphasize the V-line of your chin

Lightly swish on bronzer using the 3 method (side of face) – cheekbones, temples & jawline. Lastly, apply bronzer on the eyes, for a quick and natural eye look.

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Add a quick flush to your cheeks and lips!

Use a lip tint or lipstick and dab it on the apples of the cheek. Then blend to keep it natural. Use that same lip color on the lips and you’re ready to head out!

‘No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up!’

Have a good one, friends!

Christabel ♡
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Author: Habitstoglow

A little crazy about skincare! Skin type: Dry & sensitive

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