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About me

Hello there!

I’m Christabel, a university student, based in Australia. I’m a little crazy about skincare… okay maybe, a lot. I started trying out asian skincare productsΒ in the middle of 2016 and have been loving them since. Not only are the reasonably priced & effective, they also have super adorable packaging. Most of my products are asian/korean, but I do mix it up sometimes, with western products. So join me on this journey as I try out different skincare (& also beauty) products!

Skin type: Dry & sensitive

Skin concerns: Dull, patchy and sometimes inflamed


In no way am I a skin expert or professional. This is just a personal blog for me to write about my skincare discoveries and hopefully enable you to find your own skincare journey. I will not be held responsible for any adverse effects caused by following my recommendations or tips. Though I may have done my research, please take my advice at your own discretion. If you have any uncertainties, please consult a dermatologist or professional.